The time it takes to complete the detailing job:

The time it takes to complete the detailing job:
“Time is money,” as the old saying goes. Detailing takes a lot of time and effort, which means detailing can cost more than you might expect.

To get your car detailed correctly, it could take anywhere from three hours to  six -eight hours  how extensive the detailing needs are .
You should keep in mind, that while many people relate detailing a car to a quick vacuum and a wash, it just isn’t that way.

A customer will expect a spotless car when they get it back. This means they have to go above and beyond to make that happen, and that just takes a lot of time to make happen.
3. The equipment needed to make it happen
Detailing requires a lot of equipment and products. These can be costly in themselves,

but the detailing process also makes use of many chemicals and cleaners that you wouldn’t normally have lying around your house.

You’ll need things like rubbing compounds, car waxes or sealants (to protect exterior surfaces),

interior detailing sprays and shampoos, as well as a variety of applicators and cleaning tools.
All this equipment doesn’t come cheap, which is why detailing can cost more than you think…

T0 Consider:

Time Spent on your Car.

Service After.

Quality of Products Used.

Increasing  prices of products used.

Fuel if going mobile.

So You Have Bought a Car Privately That Turned Into a Lemon

Having an independent mechanic check your potential purchase could save you thousands.

Try the independent inspection and report from Firms like RAC and NRMA or your Local Mechanic in your State

See if he provides this Service. for peace of mind and avoid major problems latter.

Try the independent inspection and report from Firms like RAC and NRMA or your Local Mechanic if he provides this Service. for peace of mind and avoid major problems latter.
Under Australian Consumer Law, the seller of the car is required to ensure that the vehicle has a clear title.
Even then I would be extremely cautious and run the appropriate Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) check for the car. It costs just $2 and will tell you if it’s been written off, stolen or has money owing on it.
It’s always advised that you get an independent mechanic to check the car you’re about to buy.
Yes it costs money, but for the same cost as a tank of fuel (at least in today’s prices) you could save yourself some major headaches.

It’s also important to remember that cars are a mass of moving parts. Despite the best intentions of manufacturers, cars can and do breakdown – sometimes soon after they are sold.
Fundamentally when buying a car privately  – Buyer Beware – applies.
This is why it’s generally cheaper to buy a car from a private person rather than a licensed motor dealer, who by law must give some consumer protections.

How to get sand out of carpet

Summer is well and truly gone but are the reminder of our days at the beach still covering the floor of our car?
There really isn’t an easy way to get sand out of carpet.

This job will unfortunately require a bit of good old elbow grease and a special trick in step two.
Step one
The first step is to remove all of the mats, turn them upside down and beat them. Beat ’em good. This should dislodge the majority of sand.
Step two
The key to getting the most amount of sand out is to avoid jumping straight onto vacuuming.

Instead, first use a stiff bristled brush such as an upholstery brush and comb the carpet to agitate and dislodge more hidden particles of sand.
Step three
Now we can move to the last step – which is is to vacuum thoroughly and slowly.

Use a smaller vacuum tip or just the end of the nozzle to get the maximum sucking action.Now we should be getting excited seeing our new sand-free mats but in some cases, we might have to repeat steps 2 and 3. Remember, the stiff bristled brush is the key to dislodging the hidden sand before we vacuum.
There is also the idea of using a high-powered air pressure machine to ‘blow’ the sand out of the carpet while at the same time as ‘catching’ it with the vacuum cleaner and vacuuming it up.

This apparently works well but not all of us will have access to an air pressure machine!Whatever we do, avoid cleaning mats or carpet with water.This will only embed the sand further into the fibres of the carpet and make it harder to get out. detailing here.Now with our cosy cars nice and clean we are ready for a warm winter drive with the heater on high and some sweet tunes.
Happy grit-free driving!

Electric Cars , Fossil Fuels and Climate Change Future

Electric Cars , Fossil Fuels and Climate Change Future

The problem is the world biggest polluters are china US and Russia
They refuse to change they’re ways.

Why should the rest of world suffer due to bad air quality.

Is the Future is only way is electric vehicles…
Good or Bad
Less carbon emissions
Hybrid cars
Charge from a power outlet.
No Noise
No Fuel
Overpriced cars with
So what the cost to replace these batteries?
Car Service just got more expensive
What the cost to charge or future tax .
Can’t hear car if crossing the road ( walking cycling)
So what happens to the of cars all over that run fuel…
So are cars going to come museum item
To. View only or we going to preserve and be seen
On the streets in our favourite car be it vintage, classic or modern,
Or supercar.
Car manufactures produce car that lack style and look like a box on wheels . Look the same.
Bring back the cars of 60s – 80s that had style

Yes covid has hit the car industry bad over the last 2 years
But think fossil fuels has a place in to preserve for the future of car industry.

I don’t have the answer but starts with fines to biggest world polluters
And fuel being cheaper.
I can remember to when you got the car out on weekend
just to go a drive … enjoying the ride and the surrounds.

Lets’ hope the near future world leaders can work to sort a happy medium together for every ones Future in the planet we call Earth.