Headlight Care

Oxidation: Acrylic headlights oxidize when exposed to UV light. Headlight lenses come with a clear top coat to help prevent this,
but eventually, the coating wears off, and sunlight turns the hard plastic yellow. …
The water droplets scatter the beam of light, further impairing nighttime and wet driving visibility.

Maintaining your Headlights:
How to Keep Headlights from Turning Yellow or Foggy.
1. Park your car in the shade:
If possible, park in the garage or under a shady tree.
If you don’t have that option, face your headlights away from the sun when parking outside to reduce UV exposure and slow the oxidizing process.
2. Wash your car:
Every three months, wash the headlights with automotive car wash to clean away dirt and chemicals that promote fogging.
3.Polish the headlights: Use a non-abrasive polishing medium and a microfiber cloth to polish your headlight lenses and remove early signs of yellowing.

DIY Treatment:
To restore your headlights yourself, start by washing the lenses with automotive car wash so you have a clean surface to work with
. Then, try any of these techniques to remove the haze from your headlights.

Methods To Try:
1. Baking soda paste: Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with enough water to form a paste.
Apply liberally to both headlights with a sponge and polish with small circular motions. Rinse the headlights to reveal the results.
2.Toothpaste: Apply toothpaste directly to each lens. Scrub with a soft, dry cloth. Rinse the toothpaste away and enjoy the restored appearance of your headlights.
3. Heatlight cleaning kit from Auto supplier( but be warned they not cheap.

12 Things To Consider When Choosing Vinyl business for Vehicle Signage

Choosing vinyl business for vehicle signage
what to consider is what is most important to you…
things to consider:
1. What is your budget? (impact or budget)
2.Are you after vinyl cut (no background) cheapest or vinyl print or the most expensive vinyl wrap.
3. How long to want the vinyl to last on the vehicle. 1-2 years or up to 8 years.
4. How is the vehicle used and cared for.
5. Are you after premium quality vinyl from USA or Germany or cheap import.
Brands Like Avery Oracol or Arlon are Quality.
6. Are there any Artwork or set up machine cost (may be hidden charges.)
7. Application price to vehicle.
8. Whats the surface going on. (eg: vehicle clear coat, glass, painted trailer or substrate.)
9. Full Payment upfront or deposit then once the artwork approved then balance paid before application.
10. Whats the discount for upfront full payment. (any bonus stickers FREE)
11. Are you after DIY application or or application by the vinyl business.
12. Can I get get shipping within Australia or is it local pickup only.

What Are Vinyl Cut Stickers Graphics and Signage FAQ

What are vinyl cut stickers Decals?
Vinyl Cut Lettering and Graphics and Signage FAQ
Vinyl cut stickers are cut to shape, this eliminates the need for printing inks and background material.
Vinyl cut stickers are also called Computer Cut Decals or and Die-Cut Decals.
Vinyl cut stickers create a professional appearance for signs, windows, cars, trucks, boats industrial & commercial equipment,
in fact you can apply vinyl decals to any clean smooth surface, so are great across many applications.
We provide vinyl cut stickers on pre-spaced and pre-masked sheet for an easy, quick and professional application.
How long do they last?
Depending on the vinyl quality used, they have an outdoor life from 1 year up to 8 years.
Auto Revive uses a Premium vinyl that’s rated up to 8 years outdoors continuously.
Beware of cheap vinyl that may only last 1-3 years
How do I remove bubbles after installation?
Most bubbles will disappear within a few weeks, if there are any remaining, use a pin to pierce the bubbles and use your finger to press the air out.
Will the vinyl cut sticker fade over time?
No. Vinyl is not printed, it is dyed and cannot fade however it will break down over time with prolonged exposure to the sun.
Can you make multiple colour vinyl cut sticker?
Yes, using layered vinyl colours, vinyl cut stickers can be made in multiple colours, however, this is considerably more expensive as there are more materials and labour involved.

Product Review- Mothers California Gold Cleaner Wax

Product Review – Mothers California Gold Cleaner Wax.
Mothers Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax is a one step cleaner for painted surfaces.
Wipe a micro fibre cloth over the vehicle surface.
If it feels rough or has stains this product has very fine compound with
Brazilian Carnauba wax for protection and shine.
Good for minor flaws in the paint a fine scratches.
Suitable for fibreglass and gel- coat surfaces.(marine craft)
Also good for using after clay bar treatment.
I recommend this product and have it as one of my waxes I use regularly.
I find a lot of people use often, harsh cutting compounds finishing polishes
that are not suitable to the paint condition.
Waxing over a dirty or rough surface is only wasting the wax but also your time.
Using this product will no harm the clear coat.
Can be put on with a foam or microfiber cloth or machine using a foam pad.
Option adding a finishing wax or quick detail-er will enhance the finish.
***** product.