About Us

Linz  and hotrod 4Hi my name is Lindsay Ewen, the owner of Auto Revive.

My interest in cars started as a teenager, when vans, drive- ins and cruizin around the place was more popular. Back then fuel costs were relative inexpensive in comparison to today.

My main interest in cars is with hot rods and classics, also customs before 1965…. can’t beat those classic body lines. Many modern cars get my attention and I’m also a Ford man.

I have a good collection of die cast cars from that era and cars from great movies and I am still adding to my collection.

My Show Class Cars.

The Vans.

“Le Van Haven”

This show class panel van was an Escort Van, named the”Le Van Haven”.

The modifications made to the vehicle included a two piece tailgate, independent rear suspension and airbrush murals. A custom interior with color TV video player, and was one of the first cars to get a CD player in Perth. My profession at this time was a car stereo installer.

“Close Encounters”

My other van was a Holden Sandman “Close Encounters” it also was well detailed and had the close encounter mural on the tailgate. It had the full caprice front end.

Both my show class vans won many trophies over the eighties and early nighties. I also collected trophies and prizes for the car detailing. Showroom presentation is critical when entering a vehicle in a competition.

As a result of my award winning detailing abiliites, I was asked by friends to do their cars.

The Hot Rod.


1934 Ford Three Window Coupe

I saw a video clip of the band ZZ top and the eliminator coupe from the 80s. I fell in love with the car it was a 1933/34 Ford three window coupe from America. The roof had been chopped off giving it the unique look.  My next goal was to build one from scratch as it was not available in kit form.

This took 8 years to finish with help from friends. It was licensed in 1995 and did the hot rod show circuit for a few years and won many awards.  It’s still in show condition today!.. but  mainly used for cruzin and hot rod outings.

The 1934 Ford three window coupe with the number plate BOYZTOYZ is pictured on the website.

Car Detailing Professional

The Car detailing profession was suggested to me by my brother and spray painter friends. I had knowledge and experience coming from an award winning show car background.

I pride my self on my workmanship and treat every car as my own.  I’ve had some great testimonials from clients.

Print, Vinyl & Graphic Design

I worked for a printer for 9 years in a pre-press department. I have done graphic design courses. I started my own graphic designer business in 2001. I use Apple Mac. My nephew suggested I get into vinyl graphics and cut out stickers to value ad my car auto detailing business. I have a high quality cutter & specialized tools. Not only can you get a professional auto car detail, but I can also personalize your car with vinyl graphics and cut out stickers.

Check out the gallery for some of the work I have done.

Thank you for taking the time to get know a little more about me, and look forward to servicing you in the near future.

Kind Regards


“Professional Car Detailer & Passionate Car Enthusiast”

Graphic Designer.