Parking Mistakes at Work Risks to Avoid

Ok you just washed you car over weekend so you got a clean car for week ahead.
You go to work Monday only to find at the end of the day the car dirty again either with
wind, sand over spray tree sap or what s coming from neighboring businesses or the pace you work at.
Solutions to Consider

1. Try to park close to a building for protection.
2. Avoid parking under a tree to avoid bird poo and tree sap.
3. Don’t park in designated car park if there for example
Earthworks, Painting or Spraying chemicals, Cement Dust, Fertilizers.
4. Park in Street or other car park… the walk will do some good.
5. Consider public transport bus or train.
6. Clean windows at least ever couple day for better vision when driving.
This will help maintain the condition and value of your cars paint and keep you vision clean for safety.

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