Is Your Car Protected For Hot Summer Ahead !

Is your car protected from Hot Summer ahead !

It’s always a good idea to tend to your car.

Maintaining Value or Selling Get a better price!

Beware of Cut Price Detailing if you DON’T want damage to your car.

From Auto Revive experience seen, the poor quality products and bad surface preparation of some car detailers can be detrimental to car paint surfaces.
Detailing a car properly takes time, care and practise, it’s not a case of washing the car and slapping on spray wax. and vacuum.
Once you see the difference a professional car detailer like Auto Revive can make to your vehicle then you will never go to a quick wash shop again.

A Shampoo wash a paint clean detail and a brand new application of protective wax.
via Machine and Hand and includes minor scratch removal .
* Auto Revive Shampoo Seats and Carpets or leather cleaned and reconditioned .
* Auto Revive spends more time on your car…
This will prepare your car for the change in weather conditions and protect it from the elements and maintain its value.

Having your car professionally waxed By Auto Revive and it should last for several Months.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Car Protected For Hot Summer Ahead !

  1. Hi, I am wondering if you are a mobile service? If so I have a 2015 Jeep renegade in great condition with some swirling and light scratching in one area over the driver rear wheelwell. Just wondering about a roundabout estimate.

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