Good Idea or Not

I seemed like such a great fit.

A creative independent professional buried in the stuff of architecture and unable to figure out how to step back and grow his practice. He needed help and I was his man.

Clearly then, sufficient reason for me to set off in my car to pay him a visit and sign him up as a paying client. Well you’d think so wouldn’t you?
Only problem was, it was a Friday afternoon. I was in the south of the city, he was in the north and I’d forgotten it was a long weekend.
The traffic was awful. After thirty minutes, Man, did I get cranky. With myself.
Why I agree to another speculative meeting! To say I was hacked off is a major understatement. I was really, really spewing.
Such was my annoyance that I even called myself back – twice – to yell and scream some more. I was really mad with the idiot who sent me on this nonsensical trip. The idiot being me, don’t forget.
This slightly bizarre action proved to be a much needed turning point in how I approached meetings and it brought about a change that has stuck with me.
Why on earth was I spending time travelling to meet a prospect, when I could achieve the exact same thing by having a call or online meeting in twenty minutes?  Even on a good day, just one meeting can waste quite a few hours by the time you factor in getting ready, parking and travel. It’s an outrageous waste of time.
Time wasters a part of Business we have to deal with.
going into my special folder.

Perth traffic every day…

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