12 Things To Consider When Choosing Vinyl business for Vehicle Signage

Choosing vinyl business for vehicle signage
what to consider is what is most important to you…
things to consider:
1. What is your budget? (impact or budget)
2.Are you after vinyl cut (no background) cheapest or vinyl print or the most expensive vinyl wrap.
3. How long to want the vinyl to last on the vehicle. 1-2 years or up to 8 years.
4. How is the vehicle used and cared for.
5. Are you after premium quality vinyl from USA or Germany or cheap import.
Brands Like Avery Oracol or Arlon are Quality.
6. Are there any Artwork or set up machine cost (may be hidden charges.)
7. Application price to vehicle.
8. Whats the surface going on. (eg: vehicle clear coat, glass, painted trailer or substrate.)
9. Full Payment upfront or deposit then once the artwork approved then balance paid before application.
10. Whats the discount for upfront full payment. (any bonus stickers FREE)
11. Are you after DIY application or or application by the vinyl business.
12. Can I get get shipping within Australia or is it local pickup only.

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