Product Review- Mothers California Gold Cleaner Wax

Product Review – Mothers California Gold Cleaner Wax.
Mothers Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax is a one step cleaner for painted surfaces.
Wipe a micro fibre cloth over the vehicle surface.
If it feels rough or has stains this product has very fine compound with
Brazilian Carnauba wax for protection and shine.
Good for minor flaws in the paint a fine scratches.
Suitable for fibreglass and gel- coat surfaces.(marine craft)
Also good for using after clay bar treatment.
I recommend this product and have it as one of my waxes I use regularly.
I find a lot of people use often, harsh cutting compounds finishing polishes
that are not suitable to the paint condition.
Waxing over a dirty or rough surface is only wasting the wax but also your time.
Using this product will no harm the clear coat.
Can be put on with a foam or microfiber cloth or machine using a foam pad.
Option adding a finishing wax or quick detail-er will enhance the finish.
***** product.

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