10 Tips for Cleaning Your Car.

10 Tips for Cleaning Your Car.

1.When washing the car don’t forget to clean
the inside door openings and rubber seals.
Most people forget this task.

2. When cleaning the plastic, vinyl or leather.
use a damp microfibre cloth and spray cleaner.
Most spray and wipe sprays are ok … But test first.
on the cloth not on there sure to avoid going
where you don’t want it too.
If Leather finish with a leather conditioner.
A good all rounder cleaner and conditioner is Kitten
I use a industrial leather conditioner called console care.
Avoid Ammorall as it greasy and attracts dirt.
3. When cleaning clear plastic in gauges sat nave,
rear view mirror etc…
use a fine microfibre cloth for windows spray in
in the cloth. ( avoid glass cleaner with ammonia.
and spray as you don’t want the liquid to seep inside the gauges.
Also a few drops of fairy dish washing liquid in a filtered
spray bottle.

4.When cleaning around the console and dash area
have old tooth brush or small nail brush to clean crumbs and dirt
that can’t be removed via a cloth alone.

5.For cleaning Air vents have a dusting brush or a small vacuum cleaner brush tool.
any cloth you use for dusting inside should be Ok also.

6. To clean exterior black rubber , black plastic and interior rubber seals
around the windscreen wiper grill section or grills not painted.
use you spray and wipe or also a few drops of fairy dish washing liquid in a filtered
spray bottle. Using a cloth wipe area clean then finish with my secret weapon
Rubber, Plastic revive (peanut oil from the supermarket…
This will help preserve and drying out…. and gives a gloss new car look.

7.When washing the car wash the wheels and under the guards and tyres first.
wash with a wheel cleaner if must but avoid acid base cleaners.
Also wd -40 works well to remove stubborn brake dust.
A small amount of dish washing Liquid in a pressure washer or bucket.
And if you got a wheel brush that good for hared to get areas.
Rinse the apply a wash n wax or instant detailer to leave wax coating on the wheels.
if Chrome use auto chrome polish like Mothers or Autosol.

8. Most people don’t clean there car mats often enough.
If rubber its easy just wash with detergent then Rinse and dry.
have deck scrub brush for stubborn dirt.
If Carpet mats have stiff brush and brush mat to remove excessive sand,
pet hair, food crumbs. Tip hold the mat vertical against a wall or gate.
Lay flat in the boot, cargo area vacuum using a small brush tool or crevasse tool.
Vacuum then spot any stains with carpet cleaner and damp cloth.
A cheap but good cleaner is Simple Green carpet clean from Bunnings.
Good for stains on cloth upholstery seats too.

9. Have water bottle and cloth for removing
bird droppings and tree sap from cars exterior clear coat.
spray on a cloth and wipe clean.
If left to dry it will eat the clear coat and leave clear water like stain.
that sometimes may need to have the clear coat pane resprayed for excessive damage.

10.To avoid scratches when washing the car.
Use a pressure washer rinse first starting for the roof and then 2 sides rear and bonnet and front.
Wash each section with car wash or wash n wax.
Rinse again then dry off.
If using a bucket get a grill from Auto barn to trap the dirt at the bottom and keeping your wash mitt,
I don’t like sponges as they catch if they pick up dirt.
When drying off avoid chamois as they can scratch if they pick up some dirt.
I use a open weave microfibre cloth MLH.
At all cost avoid drive through car washers or cheap car wash detailers.
I see they damage done often.
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2 thoughts on “10 Tips for Cleaning Your Car.

  1. Great.Its very difficult to maintain the car from outside as well as from inside. Thanks for sharing such a great article to keep the car clean.As we have dog so I was wondering how to remove all those hair but this article will help me a lot .Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Nobody thinks twice about keeping themselves clean on a regular basis. Because everyone wants to look better, feel better and smell better. Interestingly, the same principle is applicable to your speed machine too. It is pretty effortless to keep your speedster clean. Cleaning your car regularly will allow your convertible to look better all the time. Also, it keeps you safer on the road and reduces the repair cost down the road. However, when you are performing the commotion, make sure you are doing the assignment following right tactics to avoid unwanted complication during the execution.

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