Something to Beware of when choosing Car Detailing Business

Quickie very basic car a wash n wax vacuum
or drive through car washes that could damage your car paint.
Recycled water and dirty cleaning cloths or mops.
Vacuum or stream alone does not remove dirt embedded.
it needs extraction via shampooer to remove dirt and smells.
I see the damage on a weekly basis.
In-exprienced operators not spending enough time or care.
Cheap products and drying with contaminants still in the paint causing scratches.
Washing alone does not remove dirt, water spots bugs and tar….
Do a Test …Wipe a microfibre cloth over the surface if it feels rough
you may a need a paint clean, clay bar treatment or compound.
Inspect each panel If dull or faded you may need a compound then finishing polish
to bring back that shine and protection.
If the clear coat is missing or severe damaged by sun you may need to get a new respray clear coat.
Charging inflated prices for extras
Or New Start up businesses after quick buck(Fly in Fly out Bottom Feeders.
It takes years to learn the trade.
More than a a bucket a sponge or wash n wax out of a pressure washer.
Yes car maintenance is important and can be a chore for non car lover or busy person
Please check out my other posts on hints and tips.

3 thoughts on “Something to Beware of when choosing Car Detailing Business

  1. Choosing a professional detailing service is an important decision. Your vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make after your home. That is why it’s important to protect that investment by being cautious.

  2. From our experience, the poor quality products and bad surface preparation can be detrimental to car paint surfaces. Detailing a car properly takes time, care and practise, it’s not a case of washing the car and slapping on spray wax. Once you see the difference a professional car detailer can make to your vehicle then you will never go to a quick wash shop again.

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