Online Store for Vinyl Cut Stickers Now Available

My Online Store is now open for vinyl cut stickers
Say it with Custom Made Vinyl Cut Sticker.
Cut Vinyl Stickers are great for single colour logos or lettering for windows,
vehicles, boats or business advertising.
I have listed some popular stickers on in my store.
These can shipped within Australia with a set fee.
Payment via Paypal or cash if local and can pickup.


Vinyl Cut Lettering and Graphics
What are vinyl cut stickers?
Vinyl cut stickers are cut to shape, this eliminates the need for printing inks and background material. Vinyl cut stickers are also called Computer Cut Decals or and Die-Cut Decals.
Vinyl cut stickers create a professional appearance for signs, windows, cars, trucks, boats industrial & commercial equipment, in fact you can apply vinyl decals to any clean smooth surface, so are great across many applications.  We provide vinyl cut stickers on pre-spaced and pre-masked sheet for an easy, quick and professional application.
How long do they last?
Depending on the vinyl quality used, they have an outdoor life from 1 year up to 8 years.
Auto Revive uses a Premium vinyl that’s rated up to 8 years outdoors continuously.
How do I remove bubbles after installation?
Most bubbles will disappear within a few weeks, if there are any remaining, use a pin to pierce the bubbles and use your finger to press the air out.
Will the vinyl cut sticker fade over time?
No. Vinyl is not printed, it is dyed and cannot fade however it will break down over time with prolonged exposure to the sun.
Can you make multiple colour vinyl cut sticker?
Yes, using layered vinyl colours, vinyl cut stickers can be made in multiple colours, however, this is considerably more expensive as there are more materials and labour involved.

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