Product Review: Mother’s Synthetic Wax

Mother’s Synthetic Wax is easy to use and a little goes a long way. It spreads easily and buffs off even easier. The smell is great as well. Durability is easily 3-6 months depending on conditions.

This synthetic wax works well. IMHO it should be be last coat applied to your car. *****

I Also recommend Clay bar a yearly.
I usually clay bar cars or use mothers cleaner wax, then apply this product to seal it.
or Mothers Professional Finishing polish for (dark cars)

I regularly wash customer cars and throw a quick coat is this wax on. Cars look great as a result.

This wax goes on easily and buffs off even easier. Just be careful, any black trim you get the wax on needs to be wiped up immediately unless you like long lasting white smudges on it.

The protection seems very long lasting. Water will still bead quickly. I find that road grime washes off quite easily as this wax seals it from the paint.

Features & Benefits
Mothers synthetic wax provides unparalleled depth, shine and protection in an easy-to-apply, effortless-to-remove formula. Our specially formulated micro encapsulated polymers form a chemical bond to protect your paint s surface, while ultra-fine polishes bring out the gloss and luster you to your car paint.

Superior gloss
• Deep wet shine
• Maximum polymer protection
• Easy-to-use formula


Pour a small amount on a microfiber or suitable applicator. Massage thoroughly onto the surface. Allow to dry to a haze. Remove with a microfiber or soft cloth. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.

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