2 New Product Reviews

First Product review is the Streetwise Dirt trap Bucket Insert. 23.3cm
Very useful when washing the car as it helps keep your wash mitt or sponge clean
as the dirt goes to the bottom of the bucket
saving your car paintwork from scratches.
I would highly recommend this product ant is available from Auto barn Stores.
Its a stock item but check first for availability.
Item is as described.

Second Product Review is the Mothers Speed Clay 2.0
Because “clay” needs a lubricant during use, The instructions say you can use with your normal car wash but also would recommend the dirt trap insert as well or the Mothers Speed Clay Detailer as well. First I will provide a review of the Mother’s Speed Clay 2.0 and then describe my experience with the two combined.
(1) The red gripping surface on this item is a sturdy sponge. Beneath that is a dark spongey material.
Below that is the surface that functions as the clay. The item appears thoughtfully designed and well manufactured.
I had no trouble holding on to the red surface and the bottom surface glided over the car easily.
as simple as washing or spray waxing your way to a perfectly clean, smooth and restored paint surface, ready for polishing and waxing. This patented, rubber polymer technology quickly shears off and removes both surface and embedded contaminants including paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust, bird droppings, light oxidation and brake dust. Left alone, these particles can quickly cause molecular breakdown of your paint, leaving the finish dull and vulnerable to further deterioration. Speed Clay 2.0 will stop this damage and restore brilliance to your car’s paint, chrome, glass and smooth plastics.
Compared to the mothers clay bar I think it does a very good job and last for about 20 cars. and it cost less.
it takes far less time as you can do it while washing the car.
I recommend a clay bar treatment for every season if possible or a least twice a year.

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