Do’s and Dont’s Washing Your Car


The Do’s

When Washing your car try to do it out of the sun
If that not possible do it early morning or at sun set.
This is avoid water marks and streaks.
Most car washes say on the bottle wash car in the shade out of the sun.
Always rinse car first with either a pressure washer or hose.
Starting with the roof then next bonnet and boot finishing with the sides of the car.
I always clean the wheels and tyres first using a suitable wheel as to wheel type.
If you don’t have a pressure washer use a 2 buckets system.
One for the shampoo and one to Rinse.
Make a filter to Trap the dirt.
Buy a cheap bucket and drill holes in the bottom to make a
saucer with ab out a 20mm – 25 mm lip.
Place it in the wash bucket upside down.
A plastic pot plant saucer will also work.
Always use a clean wash mitt or sponge.
When Shampooing the car start with the roof.
Wash in horizontal or vertical movement.
Wash mitt or sponge when starting the next panel.
When completed rinse with pressure washer or hose.
again start at the roof so you see the shampoo come off in sheets.
Dry you car undercover with a proper microfibre drying cloth.
I like the open weave type by MLH.
Always use the same microfibre cloth for the paint.
This will avoid cross contamination and scratches.
Start at the roof and like the washing method do in either a horizontal or vertical movement.
Don’t forget the wash door opening and sills do this by hand.
If you used a a wash N wax shampoo your job is done.
You can no either use a quick detailer or a good cleaner wax like Mother or Mequires.
This will clean the paint leaving a smooth clean surface protection and shine.
(Its no good putting a finishing polish on your car it it still feels rough when you wipe a microfibre cloth over the surface.
As all you doing would be doing is trapping the dirt in the clear coat.
How often you wash your car its up to you but recommend every 7- 14 days .
Invest in a fleece lined car cover if your car sit there a lot in a Car port or Garage.
This will help as you won’t need to wash it as often.
Also wash imagesa Parrafin Duster Mop is good for removing light dust on your prestige, classic, hot rod or show car!

The Don’ts

Avoid drive through car washes as the damage your car with there over head mops
that trap and hold the dirt then scratch you car.
Most recycle there water and you don’t know how well there filters are maintained.
When washing your car always do it out of the sun if possible or get under cover to dry off.
When washing rinsing and drying the car always use the horizontal or vertical method to avoid scratches and swirl marks.
I would avoid chamois …I know they dry well but also pick dirt up and can scratch your car.
Avoid using dish washing liquid as this will strip the wax off.
If you get a bird dropping or tree wax on your car wash it off ASAP to avoid it wrecking the clear coat
Sometimes can not be removed with out get painted again.
If you don’t have the time to maintain your car or for some other reason can’t do it get a professional mobile car detail to come to you.

One thought on “Do’s and Dont’s Washing Your Car

  1. Thanks for this information. Try not to move the wipe in circles. This can make light, yet discernible scratches called twirl marks. I do agree that DON’T use household cleaning agents like Sunlight Liquid on your car. These aren’t formulated for use on a car’s paint and may strip off the protective wax.

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