Vinyl Cut Verses Painted Boat Names


Vinyl is a good bit cheaper to do, hence the need to save my money.
Vinyl Cutout decal outlasts a painted name by quite a lot.
With vinyl you’ll also be able to change the hailing port if you ever relocate permanently but keep the boat.
You have to be careful when cleaning, waxing and compounding both.
Guess it depends if you what it to be more likely that when you sell the boat the new owner keeps the same name.
Paint fades unless you keep it polished often.
It easy to replace a letter if it gets scratched with vinyl.
Vinyl is final……..Once the paint starts to fade it looks awful. If you sell you boat but want to keen the name its much easier to remove the vinyl.
Vinyl – Better for resale as it comes off for any new owner. Ive said it before, if I didn’t like the name of a boat and it was painted on I would look elsewhere. There is always another boat.
My opinion for what it’s worth is the vinyl looks far better than hand painted.
smooth edges no bleed out.
Most people choice Vinyl Cut…

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