What is Vinyl Cut Lettering and Graphics



What is Vinyl Cut Lettering & Graphics

Vinyl lettering is self adhesive, pre-spaced letters cut from a high quality coloured vinyl.
Letters are applied all at once using an application tape layer to hold lettering in position during application.
Once applied, no background or transparent region exists between the letters. Lettering comes with easy to follow installation instructions. Will there be a background or sticker between letters?
No. Letters are individually cut not printed. An application tape layer is used to hold letters in position during application.
Application on the inside of windows?
For application on the inside of windows select the ‘Reverse Cut’ option
Lettering will be cut in reverse and can be applied on the inside of windows for viewing right way from the outside.
How long will lettering take to process order?
Orders are generally processed and ready in 1-7 working days.
If you require lettering quickly please contact us first to ensure we can meet your time frame.
Is your vinyl suitable for outdoor use and how long do they last?
We use Avery vinyl rated for 5- 8 years plus of outdoor use.
What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept payment via Cash, Bank Transfer.
What Is a deposit required?
A 50% Deposit is required on all order  $50-$100

A Full Payment is required on orders over $110.00

Before  cutting out.
Prefer Full payment for a faster process times.
How to make payment?
by Cash or bank and contact us by email or phone with your Bank details.
Confirmation of Payment required before any job is processed.
How do you apply Vinyl letters?
Please see our section on how to apply vinyl lettering for easy to follow DIY instructions.
Or Auto Revive can apply for a extra charge
Lettering comes pre-spaced, with application tape applied, and a set of application instructions.
What surfaces can I apply vinyl to?
Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth clean, dry surface including windows, walls, cars, plastic and wood.
It is not suitable for application on material or canvas surfaces.
Will a sticker damage my paint?
No, decals will not damage paintwork.
Is vinyl lettering weather proof?
Yes, our vinyl letters are made for outdoor use and will withstand wind, rain and sun.
I want custom graphics along with my lettering, can you do this?
Any Logo or graphic has to be  vinyl cut ready. (Ai, EPS or PDF Format.)
May incure a set  fee of $60.00 if it has to  be converted or modified.
Yes, please email us the details of any custom graphics you require.
Will there be a transparent sticker⁄film between lettering?
No, our vinyl letters are cut from a sheet and held in position using backing paper and application tape,
both of which are discarded in the application process. Nothing but your lettering will remain once applied.

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