Removing vinyl cut stickers from a vehicle Panels and Glass

Removing Vinyl cut Stickers off Vehicles painted panels and glass

Basic Info:
Use a hair dryer or heat gun on low heat.
A spray bottle with few drops of dishwashing liquid.
or needed a wax a grease remover get from a auto parts store
like Supercheap, Repco to auto barn or gum remover from bunnings.
also can of WD 40 works too.
A spray bottle with few drops of dishwashing liquid.
Paper towel and not cloths to avoid fluff.
peel off when soften with fingers
Do not use knives blades or scrapers to avoid scratching.
The spray bottle mix or wax and grease remover for the removal of the gum.
Be patient as it a little time consuming… especially if the vinyl is cracked or very old.
finish with reapplying a wax to the area.
may need a compound first if faded.
then a finishing wax or polish.
I use Mothers cleaner wax all in 1
Tool I use rubber vinyl sticker removing wheel tool.

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